Friday, September 13, 2013

Finding out.

What do you get for the man who has everything when it's Father's Day? A baby that's what!

We had decide to start trying for munchkin #2 once I had done a full year back at work - which was September - but Adam very conveniently booked a business trip away to China/Hong Kong at the 'crucial' time in September - you know what I mean - so I managed to persuade him to throw caution to the wind and try a little earlier. Who'd have thought that we would hit the jackpot first time?!

I had a 'feeling' I was up the duff earlier in the week - I had very similar symptoms to my first pregnancy with LMT - that tell-tale bloat and needing to pee every 5 minutes - what a pain!! I finally managed to sneakily pick up some Clearblue Digital tests whilst we were out Father's Day shopping on Saturday morning and couldn't wait to get home and TEST! I left Adam supervising Tate's lunchtime downstairs and ran upstairs and ripped the box open and got going. Then BAM - literally moments later those magic words 'pregnant' popped up and after a little while longer the '2-3' followed. I was shaking with excitement and decided there and then that I would surprise Adam with it the next morning.

Here's the test moments after... I'm amazed the pic wasn't blurry!

I quickly thought up an idea of how to present the test to Adam - I envisaged a photo frame that was more like a box to stick the test in and then to write something sweet on the background. I regained my composure as much as I could and ran downstairs and told Adam I had forgotten something at the mall...!

I couldn't find the exact frame I wanted but found something similar in good old Target then picked up some nice neutral backing paper and a 'Father-to-be' card in David Jones. When I got home Tate was having his arvo nap so I hauled all of Adam's Father's Day loot upstairs and started wrapping and creating what I hoped would be a lovely surprise. 

Here's the finished product which I then wrapped up so it looked just like one of his many other pressies:-

And here's the pile of pressies!

As for the big reveal, well I've said it once and I'll say it again - Adam is NOT a man of great emotions nor a man of many words and it didn't help that his little 'helper' Tate ripped the test off the backing paper before he could see it (!!!) so I think all I got was an "oh... you're pregnant... that's great!"

Can't believe we're embarking on the mind-blowing journey of bringing a tiny human being into the world again - I feel slightly scared, very excited and a little bit sick!!

I hope you'll enjoy this blog. I did one for Tate which I often look back at with fond memories so I will do the same again for my next precious little one. 

Oh and it looks like I'm expecting a little Taurean - due date 10th May 2014! 

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